Data Capturer Vacancy

To timeously capture all information pertaining to customer stock and supply accurate information at all times.

·       Intakes:

·       Ensure all timekeeping is done correctly and the ‘HOUSE’ is updated to ensure all information is available to the client and CFT staff.

·       All short and access / damage reports are filed per client / month and year.

·       Any stock related discrepancy’s must be reported to management ie; re-occurring poor quality pallets, missing cartons, incorrect documentation, no PO files.


·       Dispatches:       

·       To ensure the master file is captured correctly as per CFT planner’s instructions.

·       Ensure that special loading instructions are adhered to as per instructions from the CFT planner.

·       Any deviations from loading instructions to be communicated with the planner ie; temp regime code, ports, load patterns and temperature related issues from the PPECB

·       A vessel file is opened per vessel and all hard copies of CTO;s and loading instructions to be filed.


·       Health & Safety:

·       Comply with all health & safety regulations


·       Any other duties:

·       Perform adhoc duties                                                 

·       Assist with stock take and other stock related functions


1.  Strong analytical skills with attention to detail 

2.  Deadline driven

3. Ability to work extended hours where required

4.  Very organized individual who can multi-task and prioritize tasks efficiently


5.  Ability to remain calm and handle pressure

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