Outsource operates on various  models:

Specialist Service Provider

The client outsources a specific function or business process within a workplace

Holistic Solutions

The entire business operation is outsourced

Flexible Workplace

We provide flexible workplace solutions customised to meet individual challenges

Careful Attention

Outsource pays careful attention to your bottom line with current solutions that provide longevity



HR Outsourcing

Outsource can facilitate the effective outsourcing of any given client’s human resource’s function, or part thereof.

A specific tailor-made service level agreement governs this relationship and may include all or any of the following:

  1. Defining certain job descriptions and/or job profiling;
  2. Recruitment and selection of employees;
  3. The drafting of specific contracts of employment; Induction and probation;
  4. Compliance with relevant employment law inclusive of the provisions of the Employment Equity Act and liaising with the Department of Labour;
  5. Performance management;
  6. Skills Development
  7. Compliance with the provisions of the Labour Relations Act in terms of Schedule 8 with reference to misconduct, poor work performance, ill health, or injury;
  8. All leave the administration as defined in terms of the provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Flexible and scheduled staffing levels

  • Outsource obtains a mandate from yourself to either act as a functional outsourcer or a temporary employment service. Outsource provides a flexible and customized solution to yourself, based upon your particular operational needs.
  • To facilitate the foregoing, Outsource, furthermore assist in compiling budgets for staffing, the training of supervisors, and maintaining over time, at a bare minimum.
  • To facilitate the foregoing, Outsource liaises with its clients on a consistent and continual basis to provide an efficient and effective solution to clients.

Recruitment & Staff Quote

Outsource has numerous models whereby staff can be recruited:
  1. Specific project or operational need. The staff member remains in the employ of OUTSOURCE but is contracted out to the client firm. There is usually a specific time frame attached.
  2. Full-time employment where Outsource recruits on behalf of the Client and the successful candidate is permanently employed by the Client.
  3. OUTSOURCING OF FULL HR FUNCTION: In this scenario, Outsource will assist with part or full HR function and charge a monthly fee based on the number and extent of the function.

Contract of Employment

  • Outsource provides a custom-made, individual contract of employment, afforded to all of its employees, incorporating the necessary flexible/outsourcing components, in order to provide an effective service.
  • The aforestated contracts specifically cater for any scenario in terms of which a client no longer wishes to utilise a particular employee and, that Outsource has included these mechanisms and/or provisions in terms of the said contracts.
  • These can range from relief contracts to ongoing contracts, including tailor-made strike action contracts should they be required.

Industrial Relations

  • All LABOUR RELATIONS ISSUES are properly facilitated and executed by Outsource for all Outsource employees, within a client’s designated workplace.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: All relevant disciplinary procedures, inclusive of dismissals pertaining to misconduct, are facilitated by Outsource and not the client and, all subsequent appearances at the CCMA (and/or relevant Bargaining Council) are facilitated and attended on by Outsource, in light of the fact that Outsource remains the employer.
  • Outsource, is assisted in all material respects by Van Zyl’s Incorporated, a labour law firm, pertaining to all aspects of industrial relations and/or human resources.

Temporary Employment Service

  • Depending on the particular operational needs of your workplace. Outsource may act as a temporary employment service, consistent with the provisions of the Labour Relations Act.
  • Outsource, accordingly, shall provide an effective staff solution to your workplace and, enters into particular contracts of employment with its own employees, whilst such employees will fulfil their respective employment obligations within your designated workplace.

Payroll Administration

  • Outsource runs its internal payroll by way of VIP-software and, in relation to any employee placed within a client’s workplace, effects payment on either a monthly / bi-weekly / weekly basis.
  • Outsource, furthermore, settles any accounts payable insofar as the account is concerned for UIF,  PAYE, SKILLS LEVY, Compensation Commissioner, the “salary” portion,  and any applicable RSC levy, on behalf of the client.
  • Outsource’s fee pertaining to the above and/or administration of such payroll is included in the relevant surcharge.
  • It is imperative, that all Outsource employees have to obtain and operate a functional bank account, which Outsource facilitates and activates on behalf of employees.
  • Furthermore, and based upon the fact that employees so employed by Outsource within a client’s workplace, remain an employee of Outsource, all relevant IRP 5 administration and/or forms, are issued and facilitated by Outsource, and not the client.
  • All relevant employees of Outsource are paid on a monthly/weekly basis and, relevant bank charges so incurred by Outsource, are similarly, included in the said monthly surcharge.

Ticker: Automated Schedule and HR software

  • Outsource developed a software programme to cater for an automated scheduling of its employees within a workplace.
  • This unique and innovative software solution shall incorporate a complete HR function that shall operate on an electron platform.

Quote Request

Details of request:

Please provide a brief description of the quote request. If this is a recruitment and outsourcing request please include the type of position, salary bracket applicable to this position, and a number of staff required.


Please allow 24 hours for a response on weekdays and 48 hours over weekends

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