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Can I Outsource my production function or various other business functions?

Yes, you can.  This can be done by a way of a temporary employment service (TES) or by way of business process outsourcing.

Do job seekers pay Outsource a fee for placement ?


Which procedures do I follow to dismiss an employee?

By implementing relevent processes in compliances with the Labour Relations Act.

How do I submit my CV at Outsource?

One can visit the offices situated in Newton Park, Monday to Thursday between 08h00 and 10h00.  A brief interview will could be carried out.  The applicant could also submit their CV online.

What remedies do I as an employer have, when dismissing an employee?

There are no remedies.  Employers need to follow procedures. All procedures are documented according to legislation.

Where are positions advertised?

Please see under Job Seekers.  One would need to complete the abbreviated CV or upload a CV.

Does OUTSOURCE draft contracts of employment?

Yes.  Please email us for a free quote.

What minimum requirements are necessary before submitting a CV?

There are no minimum requirements.  Every position will dictate different minimum requirements.

Can an employer dismiss an employeee based on results obtained via a polygraph test ?


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